Sunday, November 2, 2008

My miracles

Here are my miracles for the last two days:

  • The fall in NJ is incredible this year. Each time I go outside it's just an explosion of color: yellow, orange, red, brown, green. It went on for weeks and it's so beautiful. You can't ignore it!
  • I had a wonderful family time these days
  • Just before falling asleep, almost unconscious I think, my 3 years old kid turned toward me and told me I love you!
  • We went to the park and instead of just helping and watching, I went right in: went down the slides, on a swing, hid behind trees and played chase. It was exhilarating.
Listen to peace!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Effortless Prosperity

It is November 1, and I am making some changes. I'd like to get back to that place of peace and calm, with no anxiety where I've been last spring.

First step is to begin reading Effortless Prosperity and start working on my miracles.

The book was wrote by Bijan. He was Mr. Universe a few times. He has a great message and wishes to bring peace in the world.

I met him. He looks like a tree, he's of course tall and strong, but he is so straight and keeps shoulders at all times. I loved the analogy that he looks just as open and strong as the message he's sending to the world.

You can buy the book, or simply check each day's message online. He recommends reading each lesson on the day of the month. There are 30 lessons. The book has additional stories that go with the lessons. Try them! What do you got to lose?

Today, "I watch what I say" and "I speak only for peace"

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Worry, optimism, awareness

This morning, as I was driving to work, I went on a one way street. It is one way only for a couple of blocks and after that it becomes two way. I had to turn left, so I kept left on the one way street. A few blocks away, on the two-way street, a car was coming toward me. Sometimes people don't realize that it's a one way street and they might come the other way anyway.

So what do you do in this situation?
  • The worrier: he's going to come this way... what am I going to do? Should I just keep right just in case?
  • The optimist: he will see the one-way sign and will turn without interfering with me at all
  • The person that is aware and lives in the moment notices that there is a car on the opposite lane. When she gets there she can see what's going on and responds calmly to whatever happens: salute, smile, nod, gently point out that this is a one way street, break, accelerate or just keep driving. No unnecessary emotion.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Evening yoga

I had a class with Debbie tonight. I love it when we start with laying down poses... it makes warming up feel so much easier. You need to give people a break at 8 PM at night!

Thank you, Debbie! - hey, this can stand for the beginning of my gratitude journal!

A bunch of gems

Another Yoga Dave gem: "if you're angry with me, this is your problem, not mine".

If I am angry at someone, it is my guilt projected onto someone.

Live in the moment: don't feel guilty for the past or worry about the future.

When you have a huge job that is so huge it is difficult to even start, start by doing 16 minutes of it each day.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Yeah Dave Yoga

I had a great week-end: three sessions with Yoga Dave: yoga, wine and chocolate. The chocolate was exquisite, the wine a cool idea and the yoga was great! Dave is a great guy.

Here are a few ideas that I got:

The gem: if you are on a highway and the traffic is impossibly slow, and you notice that the reason the traffic is slow is because everyone slows down to look at some accident on the side of the road. Life is pretty much the same: we go at full speed and then all of a sudden we see something out of the ordinary and slow down to see it better (or talk about it) and slow others down behind us. What if we could ignore those little accidents on the side of the road and just keep going full speed ahead. How far could we get if all we listened to was people that helped us maintain speed and encourage us on our way?

The yoga lessons:
- make them laugh! Really hard without having any idea why they laugh, have a healthy non-judging laugh.
- keep postures longer; pick up a posture to open a chakra and maintain it for 5 minutes
- when you're genuine, you don't need to be perfect
- the scented simple oils work very well: a dash of lavender or violet oil on the inside of the elbow will be with them for the day
- help the ones that seem to struggle or rest first... they need it most; they need to know that they are gently accepted.

Thanks Dave and Wendy! It was a great week-end!

Hi guys!

Exercise has been over my head my entire life. I loved math more than physical education, and books more than basketball. I'm good with computers, but a push-up seemed impossible just a few months back and I'm a klutz with dancing.

I'm working full time and I have two-year old... The fun starts early in the morning and never ends until I go to bed. There's mostly good stuff in both my work and my life, but it is so exhausting.

In this big struggle, I decided that doing a yoga teacher's training is the right thing to do that will help me balance everything. Indeed, after a yoga class I'm more patient with my kid and with my colleagues and life gets easier.

This blog is going to support my growing. I intend to keep it very positive. I will post my gems (life lessons), my miracles (changes in perspective: seeing the full half of the glass instead of the empty one) and my yoga lessons (what I like, what I think works in a yoga class, my yoga and life mentors etc.).